Casey Mercier's response to the letter regarding state retirees losing benefits if elected to legislature:

"The State of Mississippi has laws and policies designed to deter retired educators like myself, from serving in the state legislature. There are 40,000 retired educators in the state of Mississippi. Currently there is not a single one serving in the legislature.

If a state retiree chooses to run for the legislature they are forced to give up their retirement benefits when they are elected. The laws and policies of Mississippi prevent retirees in the fields of education, state law enforcement, public safety, human services, and more, from serving in the Mississippi legislature. I will fight to change this law and any others that are designed to keep the "same old, same old, special interest groups" holding the power in our state legislature. I am willing to give up my retirement benefits from the state in order to represent you in Jackson.

These outdated laws have failed to provide for a superior public education system, provide proper care for our elderly, and stop wasteful spending in the state. Help me bring the voice of the people back to Jackson."

On September 12, 2017, vote for Casey Mercier for District 102 Representative.