Casey Mercier for State Representative 102

Making a great community even better!

Casey Mercier for State Representative

 As we enter this final week before the election, I would like to again go over my plan for District 102. As you all know, improving education is first and foremost on my list. Educators need to be put in the Capitol and our schools need to be the crown jewels of our community. Infrastucture is also a point of concern. The traffic bottleneck in and around Hattiesburg must be addressed. Ellisville has 3 exits from I-59. Laurel has 6. I think we all can agree that Hattiesburg needs more than 3 to help alleviate the congestion on Hwy 98. Lincoln Road and Richburg Road need to be considered to alleviate the traffic congestion coming and leaving the city. Also fiber upgrades to cable and internet access. Hattiesburg needs to be consistent when it comes to polling places. Voters should not be redirected to different polls depending on city or state elections. Elderly and Veteran care and their caretakers are also extremely important. Anyone who has dealt with veteran or elderly care is well aware of the need in this area. We need to ensure fair and adequate funding for The University of Southern Mississippi. I will support legislation that promotes job growth in the Pine Belt. Also a very important part of my platform is to ensure Government accountability and to not burden the tax payer with any additional taxes. The waste must be eliminated and the consolidation of services has to be given a high priority. 

Becky and I would like to say thanks to Kathryn, Cory and Missy for the positive way we have all run our campaigns. While I have heard small rumors about each, myself included, I chalk this up to passionate supporters.  Finally, I  would like to say thanks to the people of District 102. I haven't been able to talk to all of you but I have personally knocked on over 3,000 of your doors. You have been patient and kind. You have tolerated all the signs and the door knocking throughout the day and night. God Bless and please exercise your right to vote on September 12th.

About Casey

Casey Mercier has been a prominent and active community leader in Hattiesburg for over 20 years. He and his wife Becky are both graduates of The University of Southern Mississippi and have five children; Damian, Jacob, Ella, Cooper, and Satchel. A veteran of both the United States Air Force and the Mississippi Air National Guard, he is retired from the State of Mississippi after dedicating seventeen years to working in higher education and four years to the state government, where he played a key role in the design and implementation of fiber optics used to run telephone and internet services throughout the state. He oversaw the bidding process for millions of dollars of government electronic and computer bids. He has volunteered for 20 years in youth sports and K-12 schools and has dedicated himself to helping others and making our great community even better.

As your representative, Casey Mercier will work to improve education by making creative and innovative changes in our current education system. He will advocate for the rights of veterans and seniors, whom he believes are currently under served. He is especially interested in improving care for seniors and the elderly, as well as providing for their caretakers.


For positive and real change, please vote for Casey Mercier for State Representative 102.


“There is no better place in the country to live than in the Pine Belt of Mississippi and I will work tirelessly for the people of this district to pass legislation that will improve the quality of education for our children and improve the overall quality of life for our residents.” Casey Mercier

As your representative, Casey Mercier will:

.:. Work for innovative changes in our current education system.
.:. Advocate for the rights and care of veterans.
.:. Push for improvements in the care for the elderly and their caretakers.
.:. Support legislation that promotes job growth in the Pine Belt.
.:. Stand for government accountability.

.:. What's new? .:.

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